NFT Minting & Marketing Services for Digital Artists & Creators


An Artist’s Revolution

Using NFTs and Blockchain technology, artists are now able to create and market their work in digital form, with unending rights to royalties, rewards and recognition... never possible before.

Abraxas was created to guide digital creators, and facilitate a lucrative path to NFT minting and marketing.

Our flexible support models allow artists to work with Abraxas in a variety of creator-centric partnerships.

Abraxas Artists    can retain intellectual property rights in perpetuity, if desired.

Abraxas Artists    can receive additional compensation anytime their work is transferred or sold.

Abraxas Artists    are not required to fund their projects or pay any fees or costs.

Abraxas Artists    do not need experience or know-how in the crypto-blockchain-nft universe.

Abraxas Artists    can focus their energy and efforts on their own creative process and imagination.
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