ABRAXAS is a web3 entertainment company, focusing on games, NFTs and unique digital experiences. Web3 is a new patron model for the internet. It's changing the connection between consumers and creators, with gaming being one of the major opportunities in the space.

  • Two Play to Earn Games are in Development
  • Web3 Comic Books and Animated Series
  • ABRAXAS DAO community tokens (ABRXS)
  • Web3 Software

The Gaming Market is the fastest-growing form of entertainment globally.
In 2020,the global gaming market valuation was $177 Billion.
In Q3 of 2021 the blockchain gaming market was valued at $2.5 Billion in trading volume and is expected to grow to $50 Billion in 2025.

Blockchain gaming is revamping the industry by turning the tables on the monopolistic console market, creating a multiverse, and making gaming more immersice for the consumers.

For players, blockchain gaming has the following key benefits
digital property rights

In traditional games players purchase digital items (e.g.skins in Fortnite) and then can really only use these items in-game. Through the creation of NFT’s facilitated by blockchain technology, these purchases transform an expense into an asset, creating seconday value from these purchases.


Virtual goods now have rich histories and individuality. Imagine being able to own the exact gun skin your favourite esports players used to win the world CHAMPIONSHIP.


The deceneralized nature of most blockchains ( e.g.,Ethereum ) means players don't need to trust any single developer. Their virtual goods can be provably scarce, highly secure goods operated on a cryptographic, decenteralized backbone.

interoparability and composability

While it will take time, blockchain tecnology has the potential to allow interaction accross ecosystems by leveraging existing building blocks. Imagine players wearing a Fortnite skin in League of Legends.

Increased Financialization

Players can use their virtual items like traditional assets as collateral for usage in DeFi. For example, a player could secure financing for their next battle pass by lending out their high-end weapons.

Financial alignment in game economics

Gamers can now participate in the economics of the games they love. Developers can share a portion of their revenue with the game's supporters by issuing tokens.

The 1,000,000,000 ABRXS tokens will be distributed in 10 different ways.

nft & game drops
founders & advisors
ecosystem ( misc )
liquidity ( locked )
seed round

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A Halloween Cult Classic in the making! The Punkin Patch is a fun Halloween themed comic that tells the fictional story of the Punkins and how all Hallows Eve came to be a Holiday celebrated by many.

Join the Punkin Army on an epic adventure through the woods inhabited by evil Elves and orcs as they try to avoid being smashed.Will the Punkins defeat the Smasher and save the Punkin Race?

Founder & CEO
Cuyler Pagano

Bit-Rush Crypto ( Cuyler Pagano ) has been in the business of Internet-based technology as web builder, SEO expert, and most recently as a content creator and expert in the field of crypto-currency. Now he has shifted his focus on NFT creation, marketing, investing and related endeavors. He believes that investment and participation in the “WEB3 INDUSTRY” has unlimited opportunity for financial success. The rapid rise and virtually unbelievable success stories in this digital-collectible space strongly suggests that this is the time for adoption and penetration as the presence of “BANDWAGON” activity and movement is already evident.

Cuyler has had a modicum of success with investments in crypto-currency and NFTs and is committed to building a powerhouse, multi-tiered NFT-based business enterprise.
mughees mehdi
BlockChain Development Lead
AaQib Younas
Game Development Lead
Zafar Kamal
Front End Software Developer